The real science,

how it affects us,

why everyone should be concerned

Jerry Flynn's book,
Hidden Dangers 5G, gives the facts, plain and simple.

This is the definitive, essential reference work for anyone who has concerns or doubts, or who is in a position of responsibility and needs to know the real implications of the 5G rollout. 

"Few people are indomitable enough to impede the most powerful industry on this planet. Captain Flynn's book contains the expertise to accomplish this achievement. Any reader may challenge this 'Goliath' with the knowledge enclosed and assist in saving our planet."

—Barrie Trower
British physicist and former microwave weapons expert

 for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service

Jerry Flynn: author and tireless activist

Captain (Retired) Jerry Flynn served his country with a 26-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, specializing in electronic warfare and signals intelligence. He worked closely with US and NATO forces, and spent more than 16 years working as a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-gathering community.

Since retiring in 2005, Jerry has devoted himself to researching, writing and speaking out publicly about the dangers of non-thermal EMF radiation, which, he is convinced, now threatens all life on Earth. His military experience and subsequent research have led him to the conclusion that the perpetrators of this global threat are members of a U.S. military–industrial complex that has since morphed into an insidious government–corporate complex.

Alarmed by Health Canada’s continued refusal to acknowledge the physical dangers posed by non-thermal radiation, and by the accelerating race to blanket the planet with 5G technology, Jerry felt compelled to share his years of research by publishing this book.

"This book presents a clear, well-researched wealth of valuable information that unequivocally spells out the very real and potentially devastating dangers of man-made electromagnetic radiation – including 5G – and the fact that governments and industry hide the facts from the people."

—Hon. Paul Hellyer
author of
Liberated! The Economics of Hope

What's in this book

  • The bioelectrical nature of the human body, its electrical systems and how it is affected by external electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
  • How EMFs impact the human body—beyond the officially accepted thermal effects of electrosmog.
  • Microwave sickness or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) explained.
  • The cover-up of cellphone, cellphone tower, WiFi and 'smart meter' damage to health.
  • The nonsense of so-called 'safety standards'.
  • The WHO's role in the worldwide deception.
  • How the media have been compromised in favour of the wireless industry.
  • The military–industrial complex and how it has been enabled in promoting and implementing wireless technologies.
  • The REAL power brokers behind the technologies.
  • Complicity, corruption and political manipulation for massive profits.
  • Heads that rolled for speaking the truth.
  • Incontrovertible evidence of harm denied and suppressed.
  • The frightening implications of the 5G rollout explained.
  • Dirty electricity explained.
  • How can one stop this corruption … and 5G?

What readers say

For me, this book argues strongly and persuasively that there are real and serious health effects from the World's growing man-made exposure to EMF radiation.

The book is put together in a short paragraph/bullet-point format, which makes it easy to read and with references/links to further reading beneath each of the points. I feel myself that everyone should at least read around this subject themselves—make their own mind up—and not simply trust that no one would sell us/surround us with technology that can cause cancer, autism, miscarriage, insomnia, eye problems, headaches, hormonal imbalance, depression etc. etc.

—Sarah, UK

Everyone needs to read this book NOW!

I have bought a number of books on this topic but what I love about this one is the format - clear, concise, hard-hitting. I have bought a copy myself and will be buying more copies for the people close to me and other people I think would benefit from knowing. [....] If you want to protect yourself and your family and your community as well as the world at large, you need to get off the sofa and do something every day to spread the word. I thank the author infinitely from the bottom of my heart for his care, humanity and courage in writing this book. He has truly taken on the forces of evil.

—kingham01, UK

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