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“Olga Sheean's extraordinary book, Psychocide Reversal, explores the full spectrum of issues negatively impacting our world and, more specifically, those who inhabit it. Profoundly changing our perception of how life works—and how to make it work for us—it challenges us all to take charge of our destinies.” 

—Elize Potgieter, designer, lecturer

Get the full-system upgrade, activation and reboot! Psychocide Reversal exposes the true drivers of global crises, dysfunction and dictatorship, providing a masterful recovery program for people and planet. Discover the root cause of crises; the reasons for the tech takeover and our role in its unfolding; the politics of disempowerment and where true governance lies; how to restore the natural chain of life; why challenges provide all the clues for turning things around; and how to elevate our consciousness to create our own reality. With a unique understanding of our thwarted evolution, Olga Sheean challenges us to confront our inner demons, master our minds, reconnect with Mother Earth, reclaim our personal autonomy, and reboot the species for a world that works.

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: Psychocide Reversal: rebooting the species

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“A wish-it-were-true revolutionary sci-fi thriller that would make Nikola Tesla smile and send the rest of us on a transformational journey back to a world worth living in!” 

—Roger Herried, clean-energy expert, co-founder of the US Green Party

One night, without warning, two quantum physicists commit suicide, leaving behind three young-adult children. No note, no explanation and zero inheritance. Why did they kill themselves? Bizarre electromagnetic frequencies hit key cities around the globe, causing chaos, suicides, emotional collapse, government scandals and media mayhem. Who is behind the attacks? World leaders are forced to confront the truth about their actions, revealing cover-ups and deadly deceptions; the entire world order crumbles, turning everything upside down. What is going on? The answers lie in an impenetrable past and an unfathomable future. Get ready to rock your world, with a mind-bending, life-altering reality you won’t want to leave, and a plot that keeps you guessing till the very end.

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: The Parents: how far would you go to save your world?

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A wireless wake-up call, with a message for all of humanity

Radiation from wireless technologies now spans the globe, affecting all forms of life. The resulting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are causing epidemics of illness, addictions and disorders that often fail to be attributed to the true underlying cause. 

With humour, insights and discoveries from the forefront of modern science, this book tells a profoundly personal story, revealing the deeper truth about our love affair with technology, why governments are hiding the facts, and how neuroplasticity and quantum physics are transforming our perception of reality and our capacity to transform our personal and planetary health.

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world

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Ever shared laughs with a hyena, chatted up a strawberry, or had a chinwag with a boomerang?

Forget about all those gurus out there, telling you how to live your life. Wisdom is all around you, available in the most unlikely places—from dinosaurs to dandelions, mattresses to parking metres, popes to peanuts, toothbrushes to toilets, and plenty of other wiseguys you’ve never talked to before. A Talk on the Wild Side is a collection of outrageous conversations, filled with irreverent insights, off-the-wall humour, and large dollops of unconventional wisdom. Life will never be the same again—and you’ll find yourself talking to the strangest things. (Just don’t let anyone see you doing it.)

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: A talk on the wild side: imaginary interviews with unlikely sources of wisdom

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An A–Z guide to well-being, wisdom and worthiness

This is a simple, practical guide to everyday self-empowerment, featuring 52 themes (one for every week of the year) and offering simple, transformative steps for resolving conflict, positively reprogramming your mind, making powerful choices, and creating more love, money, ease, success and fulfillment in your life. Upgrade your relationships, finances and business; fill in your ‘missing pieces’; activate your creativity; and enhance your self-worth and personal magnetism.

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: The alphabet of powerful existence: an A-Z guide to well-being, wisdom and worthiness

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A body odyssey with guts, attitude and a bellyful of laughs—a quirky off-the-wall story about the internal shenanigans of the body and the external dynamics of modern-day relationships. Nowhere else will you learn about lymphomaniacs, the real purpose of your appendix, or the spiritual significance of chocolate cake.

You’ll laugh as you learn about how your body really works—and all the chaos that unfolds when you are stressed, eat the wrong foods, work too hard, have sex and get invaded by nasty parasites.

This book is a madcap marathon through fact and fiction, adventure and enlightenment, mix-ups and makeovers, inside and out. With the growing worldwide trend towards greater self-responsibility, this is the perfect gift for someone you love—or someone who just doesn’t get out much.

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: Gut Feelings: the inside story

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Find your self and your perfect mate

This fully illustrated guide to healthy relationship provides the most rewarding emotional-fitness program you could ever undertake—one that will generate more breakthroughs and miracles than you could ever have thought possible. Filled with wisdom, exercises, practical techniques, catchy full-colour illustrations and inspiring case histories, Fit for Love takes you on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment, showing you how to access and transform the negative subconscious programming that has prevented you from fully knowing or expressing your true self. Through this book, you will gain an understanding of your powerful ability to create what you want, to enjoy lasting, healthy relationships, and to upgrade all aspects of your life.

Author: Olga Sheean

Title: Fit for Love: find your self and your perfect mate

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In this unique futuristic journal, artist and author Lewis Evans vividly envisions his ideal future life, interweaving philosophical reflections on art, business, creativity, human potential and the everyday wonders of human existence. This book contains 365 discrete visionary insights that came to him unbidden and seamlessly transferred themselves to paper, without planning or forethought. Although they are part of his vision, they may also inspire yours or even become yours, generating the same kind of magic that it sparked for him.

Author: Lewis Evans

Title: Future Perfect Now

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As depleted resources, turmoil and political ineptitude take the world to the brink of collapse, the superpowers launch a secret initiative to find a sustainable solution. Mounting economic pressures lead to its higher ideals being compromised, and it’s used instead to create the ultimate weapon with the ability to target individuals’ thoughts, emotions and intentions. Using advanced technology and delivered by stealth, there is no known defence against it. The situation spirals out of control when a criminal gains control and turns the weapon against its makers, threatening to disrupt the global political balance and destroy the entire democratic process.

Author: Lewis Evans

Title: Hominine

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This book was written to inspire a social movement that champions a culture in which connectedness is valued above all—a movement that builds the most important organization of all: the family. As author and contributors, our desire is to win hearts and minds, to inspire people to get back to the basics—to their hearts—to better understand the nature and power of relationships and to connect with each other. ConnectZones: building connectedness in schools is about the need to make a paradigm shift by challenging the status quo and changing many of the policies and practices that exist in our education system. While many educators possess the vision and the drive to build connectedness in their school communities and are making conscious efforts to do so, responses continue to be reactionary, and preventative practices non-relational in nature. While schools are being magnified as social hubs, resulting in powerful learning experiences for students and increased opportunities to strengthen the fabric of community, they are viewed by many as castles with draw bridges—as closed systems with impenetrable walls. Educators are expressing discouragement with the erosion of their social status, and are weighted down with government-created curricula and a system obsessed with getting results.

Author: Bev Ogilvie

Title: Connectzones: building connectedness in schools

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Red Toe, Red Door – how Metabolic Therapy cured my arthritis tells the story of one man’s 11-year struggle with unrelenting physical deterioration due to rheumatoid arthritis. It chronicles a personal journey from debilitation, pain and hopelessness, to physical and spiritual transformation, culminating in a powerful and dramatic healing that will instill renewed hope in anyone with chronic or acute disease.

Adam Huber has written a refreshingly honest and practical account—a triumph of body, mind and spirit over seemingly impossible odds. Red Toe, Red Door is a must-read for anyone who suffers from arthritis (and some 20% of us will) or any other degenerative disease.

Author: Adam Huber

Title: Red toe red door: how metabolic therapy cured my arthritis

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Dr Anne Marie Evers is a colon cancer survivor and a long-time advocate and teacher of the power of affirmations to transform our health and our lives. This books provides hope, inspiration and practical tools for those dealing with cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and other challenging treatments/situations. Dr Evers has been teaching her unique affirmation techniques for over 20 years, through her books, e-books, e-courses, radio/Internet talk shows and lectures at hospitals and organizations.

 In this book, she has combined positive, uplifting affirmations with processes and exercises to create her powerful Affirmation Life Tools.

Author: Dr Anne Marie Evers

Title: 70 ways to cope with chemo and other medical treatments

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LEFT Brain Trading© can help to improve trading confidence and performance through a process of self-discovery and empowerment coupled with a revolutionary new way to set up charts to reveal the universal framework that governs all currency movements.

This book describes how mental programming can affect trading, how to positively re-programme your mind for success, and how to trade profitably.

The LBT e-course is a powerful combination of tools and techniques designed to help you become a successful independent Forex trader – and more. Having the right mindset is key to your success and you will find that other parts of your life change for the better as well. The Absolute Fibonacci Framework reveals the permanent fractal patterns of currency movements.

Authors: Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean

Title: Left Brain Trading: the right mindset and technique for success in Forex
Book and e-course

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